Pattaya Car Hire Guide

Pattaya is one of the cities in Thailand that it is located in the east coast of its gulf. On an estimate, it is about 165 kilometres southeast of the city capital of Bangkok. Pattaya is a self-governing municipal area. There are many tourist attractions in this place, making travellers come back to it for another round of adventure. This city is quite rich in history too, as well as being blessed with beautiful and attractive beach resorts.

The Pattaya beaches alone can draw hundreds of tourists in a day because it can provide anything from water activities to relaxation. There are three smaller islands in Pattaya that are great places for water adventures. These are the Ko Lan, Ko Khrok, and Ko Sak islands. If you would like to have a safari-like experience, simply go to the Elephant Village. There you can enjoy rafting on the lake and trekking on the jungle all you want. As for a milder but equally wild adventure, visit the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo and marvel at the sight of the largest reserve of Bengal tigers in there.

If you’re coming to Pattaya for a vacation during the peak summer season, make sure that you reserve a car before hand. There are different car hire services around here and they offer competitive rates. However, it is still necessary that you find the best deal in town to maximize your savings, thereby increasing your fun. Major car hire providers have offices here, and they are Budget, Avis, and Holiday. If you can’t book a car from them because all of their vehicles are sold out, local providers like Chalee Car Rent, Unity, and Q Cars can serve you.

Should you want to book a car here in Pattaya, do so by logging over the internet. That’s the most convenient thing to do because you don’t have to go anywhere else or talk to anybody to reserve the car of your choice. Furthermore, you will be able to compare car rates side-by-side from different companies. This way, you can easily find the right car at the best rate. Furthermore, if you book a car online, you can request for your car to be ready for you at the airport where you’ll arrive.